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Welcome! Infinite Hugs and Kisses xoxoxo ;) 18 in September (on the third) <3 And hey, don't hesitate to talk to me or send me an ask. I love making the occasional new friend and if you have any problems I wound't mind listening or being a shoulder to cry on. . . *Blog is still under construction*
I'm still here breathing now, until I'm set free
Go quiet through the trees <3

 Robert Plant photographed by Wolfgang Heilemann, 1971.



A climbing plant peels off a brick building, in an effect reminiscent of a snake shedding a layer of skin

holy shit, i have never seen this happen before. Whoah

I love that the bricks underneath were perfectly clean
"The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished."Deng Ming-Dao (via peaceisofus)

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Need new blogs to follow - msg me if similar
good things to tell yourself everyday

❁ i am worthy
❁ i am more than my appearance
❁ i am loved
❁ i am cared for
❁ i am strong
❁ i am beautiful
❁ i am a good person
❁ i am allowed to get rid of the toxic people in my life
❁ my body does not define me
❁ i deserve respect
❁ i deserve good things
❁ i do not need to justify my actions
❁ and most importantly, i can get through anything.

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Picked up some new pals at the market this morning 🌵



Freshman Year


Senior Year


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